Friday, January 02, 2009

Port Chicago Prelude

Port Chicago

This is the site of my city,

A city of peace and contentment

Home of the industrious and the friendly

wishing only to be left to their duties;

To beautifying the homes they had builded,

To raising their families in comfort,

To living the lives of good people

And to contributing to the wealth of the nation

Till the cruel forces of the Navy,

With malicious and lying inventions

Destroyed the city forever

With dozers and dozers and dozers.

Where are the people of my city?
The people who fought so bravely
Against an enemy so powerful,

Against an enemy so unprincipaled

As to think only of wanton destruction?

Scattered like dust and leaves

Are the people of my city--

Scattered but not beaten in spirit

Are the people of my city.

Gone are the voices of children,

Gone is the laughter of maidens.

Still stands the site of my city,

Still reigns the spirit of the people

Who so gallantly fought for a principle,

Still blow the murmuring breezes,

Still lap the waves on the beaches,

Still stand these forces forever

Not even the powerful Navy

Can ever find ways to conquer,

Can ever find ways to destroy.

December 22, 1969

by Roy E. LeePrincipal, Bay Point School


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