Saturday, April 07, 2007


A beautiful area, a cascade of weather patterns, sweaty sun of the summer mixed with hard clay dusty dirt, snow capped winters, springs busting with a rainbow of wild flowers blowing in the breeze, and crisp autumn sunday afternoons with the Raiders getting bloody in the chilly air.

Mt. Diablo omninously stares down its residents. The terrain beckons and tickles any interest; fishing, hiking, bicycling, getting intoxicated. . .

My grandfather, Irish immigrant, a copper miner in the desert mountains, wasting his friday paychecks, making friends in the old time saloons, "Beer and hookers for everyone!". How could resist a good friend like that in hard times. Or, for a good read, "Barbary Coast" by Herbert Asbbury. Study of history is important to point out scams. San Francisco's "Summer of Love" was anything but; Haight Street teeming with heroin junkies, theives, and con artists looking for a scam and a fix. Definitely not the peace loving positive vibe nonsense that has been marketed for some weird form of consumerism. Religion, and how politicians manipulate those histories for the rallying of public voting sheep to believe the unbelievable; twisting the religious prophet's words into the opposite of what was intended. "Jesu's Allah Vishnu has instructed me to increase parking fees and bomb goldfish, even the women and children".

Now, in this area, much like any other area, a collection of people, passing through, and their stories. Ordinary people struggling with the mundanities of life. Yet, all of this paints a mosiac, a masterpiece of drama, color, and another excuse to have another beer.

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